[Rahala] Which island is known as the "Hawaii of China"?

Which island is known as the “Hawaii of China”?

…1. Zhoushan 2. Ishigaki 3. Hainan 4. Bali

[Answer] Which island is known as the "Hawaii of China"?

Hainan – With lush forests, crystal-clear bays, and sandy beaches, it’s no wonder Hainan is known as the “Hawaii of China.” Hainan is located about 200 miles east of northern Vietnam’s Gulf of Tonkin. It is the southernmost province of China (the name Hainan means “south of the sea”) and the country’s largest tropical island, home to approximately 10 million people. The island welcomed some 83 million tourists in 2019. Sanya on the southern end of the island is known for its lively boardwalk and high-end resorts, while the capital, Haikou, is located on Hainan’s northern coast.:

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