[Rahala] Where was the first drive-in movie theater?

Where was the first drive-in movie theater?

…1. California 2. New York 3. New Jersey 4. Nevada

[Answer] Where was the first drive-in movie theater?

New Jersey – We might think of drive-in movies as a product of the 1950s and later, allowing teens to go and see some of the classic monster movies. But the first drive-in movie theater actually opened much earlier in 1933. The Camden Drive-in in Pennsauken, New Jersey was the first where people could remain in their cars. The owner had the idea after his mother complained that movie theatre seats were uncomfortable. The concept quickly became popular and soon there were drive-ins across the country. New Jersey was also home to the first drive-in and fly-in movie theater, with room for 25 private aircraft to land and enjoy the entertainment. :

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