[Rahala] Where is this mountaintop church?

Where is this mountaintop church?

…1. Amalfi, Italy 2. Thessaly‎, Greece 3. Dubrovnik, Croatia 4. Toledo, Spain

[Answer] Where is this mountaintop church?

Thessaly‎, Greece – Look up the next time you’re in the region of Thessaly in Greece — you’ll notice some astonishing buildings. The collection of towering monasteries perched on pillars of rock is known as the Metéora monastery complex. Built sometime between the 14th and 16th centuries by Greek monks, the monasteries stand up to 1,300 feet tall. The original collection featured 20 monasteries for quiet contemplation, but only six remain. While the monasteries seem like they would be difficult to access, steps and bridges now make it easy for visitors to pay a visit.:

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