[Rahala] What is the largest park in New York City?

What is the largest park in New York City?

…1. Central Park 2. Pelham Bay Park 3. Tompkins Square Park 4. Bryant Park

[Answer] What is the largest park in New York City?

Pelham Bay Park – Central Park is big, but Pelham Bay Park is bigger! In fact, it’s larger than three Central Parks put together. The park covers more than 2,700 acres in the Bronx, which far surpasses Central Park’s 840 acres in Manhattan. The park features 13 miles of shoreline (including Orchard Beach), two golf courses, the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum, and plenty of hiking trails. It also has numerous playgrounds, fields for picnicking, and basketball, bocce, handball, and tennis courts — making it a popular spot for both families and athletes. With a variety of wildlife, Pelham Bay Park is also the perfect place for nature-lovers to explore the plants and animals that call the park home.:

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