[Rahala] What country is Greenland a territory of?

What country is Greenland a territory of?

…1. Iceland 2. The Netherlands 3. Denmark 4. Norway

[Answer] What country is Greenland a territory of?

Denmark – Mainland Denmark is one of the smaller countries in Europe, but when you include Greenland as part of its size, it soars to near the top of the list. Greenland is an autonomous territory of the Kingdom of Denmark and is the largest island that isn’t its own continent in the world, covering about 836,000 square miles (by comparison, mainland Denmark is just 16,577 square miles, or around 50 times smaller). To date, Greenland has a population of about 56,000; if it were a fully independent nation, it would rank as the least densely populated country in the world. This is because nearly 80% of Greenland is coated in ice. The only livable part on the island is along the coast, where the conditions are more bearable.:

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